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Friday, March 22, 2019 3:54:03 AM EDT

Treasury Budget Updated 05-Mar-19 02:23PM ET

The Treasury Budget for January showed a surplus of $8.7 billion versus a surplus of $49.2 billion for the same period a year ago.

The Treasury Budget data is not seasonally adjusted, so the January surplus cannot be compared to the $13.5 billion deficit for December.

Total receipts of $340.0 billion for January were $21.0 billion less than the year-ago period. Individual Income Taxes accounted for $197 billion of receipts while Social Insurance and Retirement provided $115.0 billion. Corporate Income Tax receipts were $7 billion, as were Excise taxes, Custom Duties, and Miscellaneous. Estate and gift taxes totaled $1 billion.

Total outlays in January were $331.3 billion, $19.5 billion more than the year-ago period. The largest outlay was $86 billion for Social Security, followed by $52 billion for National Defense, and $51 billion for Medicare. Other large outlays included $44 billion for Health, $32 billion for Income Security, $29 billion for Net Interest, $12 billion for Education, $11 billion for Other, and $9 billion for Veterans' Benefits and Services.

The fiscal year-to-date deficit is $310.5 billion versus a deficit of $175.7 billion for the same period a year ago. The budget deficit over the last 12 months is $913.5 billion.
Deficit (-)/Surplus$8.7B-$13.5B-$204.9B-$100.5B$119.1B
Deficit (-)/Surplus Fiscal YTD-$310.3B-$318.9B-$305.4B-$100.5B-$779.0B
Deficit (-)/Surplus over last 12 months-$913.5B-$873.0B-$882.6B-$817.3B-$779.0B