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Saturday, March 17, 2018 4:35:24 PM EDT

CPI Updated 13-Mar-18 09:12AM ET

CPI increased 0.2% ( consensus +0.2%) after increasing 0.5% in January.

Core CPI, which excludes food and energy, also increased 0.2% ( consensus +0.2%) following a 0.3% increase in January.

Increases in the indexes for shelter, apparel, and motor vehicle insurance contributed to the gain in total CPI. The food index was unchanged while the energy index increased slightly.

With the monthly changes, total CPI was up 2.2% for the 12 months ending February, up from 2.1% for the 12 months ending January. Core CPI, meanwhile, was up 1.8%, which was unchanged from the 12 months ending January.

The key takeaway for market participants is that the consumer inflation trend is not accelerating in a worrisome fashion; therefore, they are feeling less worried about the prospect of the Federal Reserve raising the fed funds rate more than three times this year.
All Items0.2%0.5%0.2%0.3%0.1%
Food and Beverages0.0%0.2%0.2%0.0%0.1%
Equivalent Rent0.2%0.3%0.3%0.2%0.3%
Motor Fuel-0.9%5.7%-0.8%6.0%-3.2%
Medical Care-0.1%0.4%0.3%0.0%0.2%
Educ and Commun-0.2%0.1%0.1%0.2%0.2%
Special Indices